Business Foreign Language (Ukrainian Language)

 Tittle  Business Foreign Language (Ukrainian Language)
 Department  Foreign Languages and Professional Communication
 Type (compulsory/optional)  Compulsory
 Cycle (first/second)  First Cycle
 Semester when the component is delivered 5-th, 6-th, 7-th and 8-th semesters
 Course description The course examines the official business style of modern Ukrainian literary language; improves the culture of writing and oral communication; provides mastering the principles of speech etiquette; promotes the development of practical skills for drawing up official papers; studies types, nature and purpose of business correspondence.
The purpose of the course: formation of professionally oriented communicative competence for effective communication in the fields of professional and business contacts.
 Objectives of the course: formation and improvement of business communication skills; acquisition of reading, writing and listening skills with a full understanding of the content and analysis of professional, social, economic literature; obtaining the latest information from Ukrainian sources; get acquainted with the peculiarities of drawing up official documents on different issues and the formation of appropriate skills. 
 Course content
Module 1
Topic 1. Resources.
Topic 2. Market
Module 2
Topic 3. Demand. Supply. Market price.
Topic 4. Types of market.
Module 3
Topic 5. Rules for writing an application letter.
Topic 6. Rules for writing explanatory notes.
Topic 7. Rules for writing invitations and announcements.
Module 4
Topic 8. Rules for writing letters of acknowledgement and attorney.
Module 5
Topic 9. Rules for writing autobiography.
Topic 10. Rules for writing CV.
 Learning outcomes 1. Ability to master communication skills for effective communication in professional sphere.
2. Professional vocabulary skills formation and development using appropriate means of verbal communication and relevant forms of debate.
3. Ability to use appropriate search techniques and terminology.
4. Ability of reception and production of lexical material (including terminology) and grammar rules.
5. Interaction ability in social and professional spheres.
 Contact hours (lectures/seminars)


 Courses of Ukrainian Language
 Number of ECTS credits allocated

4 and 3 credits