Economics and Business

 Tittle  Economics and Business
 Department  International Economics
 Type (compulsory/optional)  Optional
 Cycle (first/second)  First Cycle
 Semester when the component is delivered  2-nd semester
 Course description  The aim of this discipline is acquiring knowledge and skills of students on specific economic actions and processes, the mechanism of regulation and management, the functioning of an open economy, methods and means of the national economy protection, convergence of it economic structure and economic mechanism to global trends.
 Course content
Module 1. Basics of the Economics and Business
Topic 1. Basics of economics.
Topic 2. Production.
Topic 3. Money.
Topic 4. Market.
Topic 5. Competition.
Module 2. Principles of Economics and Business
Topic 5. Enterprise.
Topic 6. Employment and unemployment.
Topic 7. Inflation.
Topic 8. Globalization.
 Learning outcomes  The student should know:
• subject and objectives of the course;
• basics of economic theory;
• contemporary forms of the business organization;
• research methods of the economic efficiency;
• peculiarities of the capital markets and labor.
Students should be able to:
• create a new approach to the assessment of the economic activity in the market environment;
• set the main reasons of the slow development of the economic and business activities;
• define the role and importance of the economic and business activities;
• apply methods of the economic analysis;
• estimate the volume of the international business and the economic performance of the actors on the international market;
• assess the damage of the economy caused the impact of the economic crisis or the economic protectionism.
The ability to define the role of the economic activities of business entities; to identify the importance of commercial business activity; to apply methods of the economic analysis; to evaluate the volume of the international business; to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of the activities of the international and domestic markets
 Contact hours (lectures/seminars)


 Number of ECTS credits allocated

3 credits