Foreign Language (Ukrainian)

 Tittle  Foreign Language (Ukrainian)
 Department  Foreign Languages and Professional Communication
 Type (compulsory/optional)  Compulsory
 Cycle (first/second)  First Cycle
 Semester when the component is delivered  1-st, 2-nd, 3-rd and 4-th semesters
 Course description This course enables students from other linguistic cultures to properly master the Ukrainian language; improve their general education level; familiarise them with the Ukrainian culture; contribute to the strengthening of the cross-cultural ommunication.
The purpose of the course: the formation and development of communication skills in different communication sectors; improvement of linguistic competence in various spheres of life.
Objectives of the course: formation and improvement of communication skills; acquisition of reading, writing and listening skills with a full understanding of the content and analysis of different spheres of life; effective use of language in relevant situations of everyday communication.
 Course content
Module 1.
Topic 1. Forms of address. Greetings. Farewell. Forms of politeness. Getting acquainted. Nouns: formation, case, gender. Proper and common nouns.
Topic 2. Forms of politeness. Days of the week. Months. Personal and possessive pronouns.
Topic 3. Talking about oneself. Present tense.
Module 2.
Topic 4. Family. Family relationships. Profession. Occupation. Modal verbs.
Topic 5. Language. Native language (official language) of a foreign student. Adverb.
Topic 6. Daily routine. Past tense.
Module 3.
Topic 7. Free time. Entertainment. Weekend. Adjectives.
Topic 8. Appearance. Person`s character. Adjectives. Degrees of comparison.
Topic 9. Accommodation. Apartment. Residence hall room. Adjectives and adverbs.
Module 4.
Topic 10. Location. Native city. Ternopil city. Accusative case of a noun.
Topic 11. Health and well-being. Diseases. Accidents. Dative case of singular and plural nouns.
Topic 12. Doctors. Medical specialities. At the doctor`s. Genitive case of singular nouns.
Module 5.
Topic 13. Stores: grocery, greengrocery. Department store. Action verbs.
Topic 14. Number. Money. Measurement. Verbs. Perfective and imperfective aspect forms.
Topic 15. Future profession. Case endings of singular nouns.
Module 6.
Topic 16. Education. Higher educational establishments. Lectures, seminars and practical classes. Subjects and specialities. Genitive case of adjectives and singular pronouns.
Topic 17. University studies. Favorite subject. Instrumental case of singular and plural nouns.
Topic 18. Ukraine. Geographical location. Genitive case of plural nouns.
Module 7.
Topic 19. National symbols. Climate of Ukraine. Instrumental case of adjectives and singular pronouns.
Topic 20. Famous people and places of interest in Ukraine. Genitive case of adjectives and plural pronouns.
Topic 21. Customs, traditions, holidays. Use of perfective and imperfective aspect forms verbs in future tense.
Module 8.
Topic 22. The development of industry and agriculture. Use of perfective aspect forms verbs.
Topic 23. Student birthplace. Geographical location. The complex sentence.
Topic 24. Student birthplace National symbols. Climate. The compound sentence.
Module 9.
Topic 25. Student birthplace. Customs, traditions, holidays. Subordinate clauses of time.
Topic 26. The development of industry and agriculture. Subordinate clauses of reason.
Topic 27. Famous people and places of interest. Subordinate clauses of condition.
Module 10.
Topic 28. The development of industry and agriculture. Participle. Formation and use of participles in present and past tense forms.
Topic 29. Trade. Shops. Gerund. Formation and use of gerund in present and past tense forms.
Topic 30. Lifestyle. Forms of request. Prepositions.
 Learning outcomes  1. Ability to master communication skills for effective communication in different spheres of life.
2. Vocabulary skills formation and development using appropriate means of verbal communication and relevant forms of debate.
3. Ability to use appropriate search techniques and terminology.
4. Ability of reception and production of lexical material (including terminology) and grammar rules.
5. Interaction ability in social and professional spheres.
 Contact hours (lectures/seminars)


 Courses of Ukrainian Language
 Number of ECTS credits allocated

 6 and 9 credits