International Finance


 Tittle  International Finance
 Department  International Management and Marketing
 Type (compulsory/optional)  Compulsory
 Cycle (first/second)  First Cycle
 Semester when the component is delivered  6-th semester
 Course description  The course "International finance” corresponds to required studying courses and is one of profile courses for students studying in specialization "International economy”. The course is based on the following studies: "Money and credit”, "International economy”, "Finance” and is devoted to study the international financial sphere, concept of world financial market and its segments, types of international financial flows, its correlation and adjustment. The course becomes the base for the more comprehensive studies of international financial market and its operations at the next studying years and has logic connection with "Transnational corporations”, "International organizations”, "International economic activity” "Financial operations”.
 Course content
Module 1. Theoretic al and conceptual principles of international finance
Topic 1. International finance, its concept and need.
Topic 2. Globalization of the world financial environment.  The world financial crisis.  World currency systems and currency rate.
Topic 3. Debts in the system of international finance.
Topic 4. World currency and financial systems and exchange rate.
Topic 5. Peculiarities of Eurocurrency market.
Topic 6. International payments.  
Topic 7. Balance of payments.
Module 2. Organizational and institutional principles and practical aspects of world financial market
Topic 8. World financial markets.
Topic 9. Currency markets and currency operations.
Topic 10. Foreign investments market.
Topic 11. International market of bank credits and credit techniques.
Topic 12. International market of precious metals. 
Topic 13. International market of derivative securities.
Topic 14. Finance of TNC.        
Topic 15.  International banking.
Topic 16. International taxation.
Topic 17. International financial institutions.
Topic 18. The role of Ukraine in the world financial market. 
 Learning outcomes  After studying the course students have to know:
- the concept of International finance, its role in world economic system;
- basic patterns in the sphere of international financial relations;
- basic principles and methods of international financial market;
- segments of world financial market;
- types of international financial flows and methods of their
- distribution between countries;
- role of Government and international institutions in international
- finance, in economic coordination and state financial policy.
Having taken the course students will be able to:
- have a submission about finance management system at international level;
- imagine a logic of financial decisions providing their dynamics and variation;
- use modern technologies and instruments in national and foreign economic activity.
 Contact hours (lectures/seminars)


 Economic Theory, International Economy, Accounting, Finance, Securities and Stock Markets, TNC, Organizational Behavior, Business English, Business Communications.
 Number of ECTS credits allocated

 7 credits