Political Science

 Tittle Political Science
 Department  Philosophy and Political Science
 Type (compulsory/optional)  Compulsory
 Cycle (first/second)  First Cycle
 Semester when the component is delivered  2-nd semester 
 Course description   The course "Political Science" provides for a systematic and fundamental knowledge of related courses (world and national history, sociology, economics, philosophy, religion, culture, law), focused work on the study of literature, active work at lectures and seminars, independent work and individual tasks.
 Course content
Modules 1.Political system
Topic 1. Politics as a science and academic disciplines.
Topic 2. Political activity and political relations.
Topic 3. Political power: sources, resources, typology.
Topic 4. The political system of the society and political regime as a way of functioning.
Topic 6. The state of society in the political system.
Modules 2. Fundamentals of democracy
Topic 7. Democracy in the political life of society.
Topic 8. Political parties and civil society organizations.
Topic 9. Civil society.
Topic 10. The political elite and political leadership.
Topic 11. Essentials of international relations.
Topic 12. Global political and ideological doctrine.
Topic 13. Political culture.
Topic 14. Nation and national relations.
Topic 15. Stages of development of world political thought.
Topic 16. Development of Ukrainian political opinion.
 Learning outcomes  - knowing the theoretical and methodological foundations of political science, structural and functional setting policy, to  apply the methods of analysis, diagnosis and prediction of political phenomena, processes and events in the context of the achievements of modern political science.
- the ability to navigate in international political processes, to evaluate global geopolitical problems, the place and role of Ukraine in the international arena (for the areas of training, international economics, international economic relations, international information);
- the ability to analyze power as the substance of politics and economic management means (for students training areas: business economics, personnel management and labor economics);
- the possession to evaluate the budget process in Ukraine by analyzing the role of the Parliament and civil society in shaping the revenue and expenditure estimates of the main countries (for the field of study finance and credit);
- The ability to analyze the functioning of the state laws, the specificity of the state structure of political institutions in Ukraine (for students training areas: law, social work).
Student should be able to:
- to learn the methodology of the study and development of political systems and political processes;
- be able to navigate the world's main political schools, concepts and areas of political science, to understand the essence of political life, political relations and processes;
- be able to analyze political life, to know the geopolitical situation, the place and role, the status of Ukraine in today's political world;
- To acquire skills of practical application of theoretical knowledge in practice.
Student should know:
- the basic position, content, contemporary political science achievement in all its richness and diversity of scientific directions;
-to  learn  using political knowledge in their professional and social activities;
- to consolidate the theoretical knowledge obtained in the lectures.
 Contact hours (lectures/seminars)


 Philosophy, Political History of World, Law, History of Ukraine, Economics, Sociology
 Number of ECTS credits allocated

3 credits