Psychology and Pedagogy


 Tittle  Psychology and Pedagogy
 Department  International Management and Marketing
 Type (compulsory/optional)  Compulsory
 Cycle (first/second)  First Cycle
 Semester when the component is delivered  3-rd semester
 Course description  The primary objective of this course is development and systematization of knowledge and skills, i.e. components of psycho-pedagogical competence of future economists in the sphere of interpersonal relationships, identification of psychological opportunities of students in their professional activity and projecting their programs of cultural growth and socialization. Course "Psychology and pedagogy” covers key categories and essential problems of modern psychology and pedagogy, psychological patterns of cognitive activity, development of personality, peculiarities of emotional sphere, temperament, character, and skills. Educational course covers some problems of studying and up-bringing, and is aimed at actualization of mental activity of students and development of educational interest.
 Course content Topic 1. Theoretical basis of psychology
Topic 2. Psychic and its components
Topic 3. Psychology of personality
Topic 4. I – conception and its content.
Topic 5. Personality and up-bringing.
Topic 6. Personality and activity.
Topic 7. Interpersonal relations and communication.
Topic 8. Changing one’s personality.
 Learning outcomes   At the end of the course, students are expected to have systematic theoretical knowledge about the psychic of the person, development of psychic processes, forming practical skills for self-analysis of personality’s behavior, his or her interpersonal relations and communication.
Key outcomes of the course are: 
- program development of self-analysis of interpersonal relations, communication and self-development on the basis of knowledge about temperament, character, skills development, up-bringing importance and self-studying;
- combination of course knowledge with their practical application at self-development, self-analysis, and self-improvement;
- development of the interest for the key problems of psychology and pedagogy during self-education.
 Contact hours (lectures/seminars)


 Basic knowledge of Psychology and Pedagogy
 Number of ECTS credits allocated

 3 credits