Ukrainian Language for Professional Direction


 Tittle  Ukrainian Language for Professional Direction
 Department Documentation, Information Activity and Ukrainian Studies
 Type (compulsory/optional)  Compulsory
 Cycle (first/second)  First Cycle
 Semester when the component is delivered  1-st semester
 Course description   The main goal of the course "Ukrainian language for professional direction" is to increase general language training, language literacy, communicative competence of students', practical mastering the basics of official-business, scientific, conversational styles of the Ukrainian language, which will provide professional communication at the appropriate language level.
The tasks of the discipline:
- to form a clear and proper understanding of the role of the state language in professional activities;
- to ensure mastery of the rules of modern Ukrainian literary language and compliance culture of oral and written language;
- to develop skills of self-control over compliance with the rules of language in communication;
- to develop creative thinking of students;
- to raise respect for Ukrainian literary language, to linguistic traditions.
The tasks of seminars:
- encouraging of students to master the necessary knowledge of the Ukrainian language and mastering all kinds of speech activity,
- motivation to overcome the language barrier and acquiring a certain social experience,
promoting deep assimilation of the most complex issues of curriculum,
- encouraging discussion and collective creativity and developing of skills of self-education.
The level of skills and knowledge of students:
- Intention. The situations and themes of communication;
- Requirements for language skills:
A. READING (Type of Reading: learning reading, reading with a total coverage of the content; Type of the text: message, story, description and text of mixed type, composed or adapted special narrative texts, based on lexical and grammatical material according to baseline; Subject of the text should be relevant to the social sphere and the sphere of everyday communication. Abstract size: 600-700 words. Number of unfamiliar words in the text: 3-4%).
B. WRITING (Type of the presented text: the message, the story and lyrics mixed type, special drafted or adapted texts that are based on lexical and grammatical material according to baseline; Subject of the text is relevant to the social sphere and the sphere of everyday communication; Abstract size: 400-500 words. Number of unfamiliar words in the text submitted to 2%). The written text of the proposed theme created by foreign communicator should be designed in accordance with the rules of the modern Ukrainian language and contain at least 15-18 sentences.
C. SPEAKING (Monologue speech: The amount of expression of foreign communicator on: not less than 7 phrases; Type of the text: narrative, description, messages and texts mixed type, special drafted or adapted texts that are based on lexical and grammatical material according to baseline. Abstract size of the present text: 400-500 words. Number of unfamiliar words in the text submitted: 1.5%.
Dialogue speech: foreign communicator statement must be submitted according to the norms of modern Ukrainian language within the studied lexical and grammatical material on the basis of generally socially constructed norms of speech etiquette).
 Course content
  Module 1. Language and Ukraine
Topic 1. Origin of Ukrainian language. Phonetic and Graphic material
Topic 2. Word Formation, Morphology and Lexicology
Topic 3. Lexical Foundation in professional communication
Module 2. Word formation and morphological regulations
Topic 4. Morphological norms. Noun
Topic 5. Morphological norms. Pronoun
Topic 6. Morphological norms. Adjective
Topic 7. Morphological norms. Numeral
Topic 8. Morphological norms. Verb
Topic 9. Morphological norms. Adverb
Topic 10. Morphological norms. Service part of speech: Preposition
Topic 11. Morphological norms. Service part of speech: Conjunction
Topic 12. Morphological norms. Service part of speech: Particle
Module 3. Syntax and lexical structure of Ukrainian
Topic 13. Sentence as the basic unit of Syntax and language
Topic 14. Main syntactical sentence structure
Topic 15. Types of sentences according to structure. Types of Subordinate Clauses
Topic 16. Vocabulary of Ukrainian language. Compound words. Punctuation
Topic 17. Register and Style
 Learning outcomes   The purpose of the study course "Ukrainian for professional direction":
- formation of communicative competence of students;
- acquiring communicative experience;
- develop of optimal language skills of behavior in the professional sphere.
Names and description of competencies, the formation of which the discipline provides:
- mastering the necessary language and speech skills to carry out oral and written business communication;
- the ability to operate with linguistic clichés and terminology tools for independent information exchange and conducting the discussions on professional topics;
- the ability to produce detailed monologue on a range of topics of academic and professional areas. Ability to logically argue own position during a performance with individually prepared presentations relating to education and specialization;
- the ability to distinguish and use different skills in different stylistic registers modules discourse - oral and written.
 Contact hours (lectures/seminars)


 Courses of Ukrainian language
 Number of ECTS credits allocated

3 credits